COMPANY Company Information Message from CEO

CEO Mitsuhiro Matsumoto

Keihin Ramtech Corporation is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022 under the three corporate concepts of “Revolutionary, Advanced, and Manufacturers” that are incorporated in the word “RAM”. We also develop, manufacture, and sell next-generation vacuum sputtering equipment and cylindrical sputtering targets equipped with state-of-the-art proprietary film deposition sources.

Our core values consist of four key missions. The first is our relentless pursuit of machining/milling processing and welding/bonding techniques and its innovation and quality improvement, the second is the continuous effort on developing our own proprietary technologies and products, the third is the extension into the global customer market, and the fourth is the execution of continuous investment. We are working daily to ensure that we can execute these missions.

Our relentless pursuit of processing and joining technologies, as well as technological innovation and quality improvement: As a manufacturing company, this is our lifeline, and no compromise is allowed. This concept has been universal in our company since our establishment 50 years ago.

Continuous effort on developing our own proprietary technologies and products: Today, the field of renewable energy is attracting the most attention from society. Our R&D Center is working on the development of vacuum deposition technology to realize next-generation solar cells, which are required to have high energy conversion efficiency in a low-carbon society.

Extension into the global customer market: Today, our customers face stiff competition in the borderless global market. We have established a local subsidiary in China (Suzhou factory) and a North American and European sales and marketing branch office in the U.S. (California), as well as in Japan, to develop a global strategy to anticipate the world’s most advanced technological trends and provide our customers with innovative and progressive products that will support their international competitiveness and enhance their corporate value. We are committed to supporting our customers’ global competitiveness and enhancing their corporate value by providing innovative and progressive products.

Continuous investment: Manufacturing must be scalable. To achieve and realize this, we must expand our production capacity and implement vertical start-ups using not only our human resources but also our manufacturing resources. Innovation will not occur if R&D investment is interrupted. We believe it is mandatory to make a strategic and continuous investment.

There are no shortcuts in manufacturing, and it should be go through much suffering, conflict, failure, and pain that superior’s products are born. We will continue to work harder and pursue more inquiring minds.

We look forward to your continued support.


Naruhito Matsumoto