COMPANY Company Information Message from CEO

CEO Mitsuhiro Matsumoto

Keihin Ramtech celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022. At the time of its founding, we started as Keihin Fastener manufacturing and selling bearing parts, and currently, we mainly manufacture parts for vacuum film deposition equipment. Furthermore, we have also forayed into the R&D in the field of film deposition technology, utilizing the processing technology that we have cultivated so far by offering target materials. As a manufacturer who understands manufacturing, we will work more closely with our customers than ever before and implement management that pursues originality.

Our strength is the provision of strictly quality products that is a hallmark of “Made in Japan.”

In order to meet the diversifying needs of customers, we have continued research and technological development without allowing any compromise. We will continue to take up the challenge of developing cutting-edge technology of the era together with our customers who are active in various fields.

Of the many R&D themes we are currently working on, the field of renewable energy is of the greatest social interest. We are working on the development of vacuum film deposition technology for the realization of next-generation solar cells that require high energy conversion efficiency in a low-carbon society. In this way, we will work on various steps of iterative production and quality improvement, utilizing the processing technology we have built up so far and cutting-edge research and development, and contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in 2050.

There are no shortcuts to manufacturing, and excellence is only achieved through many headaches, conflicts, failures and pains. We will continue to strive forward, heighten our sense of the responsibility for what we create, and lift up our inquiry spirit.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.


Mitsuhiro Matsumoto