High-precision technology and products to support the world
From everyday items to precision equipment,
KEIHIN RAMTECH’s cutting-edge technology plays
an important role in various fields worldwide.

KEIHIN RAMTECH’s strengths represented by “R”, “A” and “M”

The “RAM” in RAMTECH stands for the concept of a Revolutionary Advanced Manufacturer. Our core technology that has been passed down and accumulated since our inception to this day will continue to be passed down person-to-person to the next generation and will be developed further.

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SERVICE Business Profile:

Find an overview and features of our business and products together with some examples of the current challenges our customers face.

01 Vacuum Coating Division

Vacuum Coating Division


01 Vacuum Coating Division

R&D Center has been Developing RAM cathode used in four facing Target sputtering method to form high-quality deposition film.

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02 FSW (Friction Stir Welding) Division

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) Division


02 FSW (Friction Stir Welding) Division

KEIHIN RAMTECH was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce FSW (Friction Stir Welding) and have accumulated technologies for welding.

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03 MATERIALS Division



03 Materials Division

We are responding to various customer needs by applying our unique technology and establishing a stable supply system for rotary targets.

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COMPANY Company Information

KEIHIN RAMTECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 and has become a trusted manufacturer in the LCD/semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry and the automobile industry.